The People’s Archive of Rural India completes a year today, December 20, 2015. We mark our first anniversary by bringing you a newspaper produced by students (age group 12-14) of the unique Vidya Vanam school in Anaikatti, Tamil Nadu. PARI intern Suzanne ter Haar worked with and guided the youngsters in developing their material. The students brought out the newspaper in both English and Tamil.

We also load a full book , a very important one on the Bengal famine of 1942-43, on PARI’s Resources section. Famine over Bengal was authored by T. G. Narayanan, correspondent of The Hindu, and published in 1944. It is out of print and difficult to access. Today, we bring you the full text.

And from Odisha, an evocative video documentary, The fading weaves of Duajhar , by PARI Fellow Purusottam Thakur. And more…

P. Sainath is Founder Editor, People's Archive of Rural India. He has been a rural reporter for decades and is the author of 'Everybody Loves a Good Drought' and 'The Last Heroes: Foot Soldiers of Indian Freedom'.

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