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You could write content for existing films or edit content that has been written but needs the careful eye of an editor. You can also write independent content for our print section. You could translate the subtitles of films on PARI into other languages. Having those in as many Indian languages as possible is a major objective. You can also translate other written content into different languages.

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Make a film

You can produce content for the archive by making films like the ones you already see on this website, so long as these are within PARI’s mandate and objectives. Get in touch with us to know what would be suitable for the archive. The basic principle: it’s got to be on the everyday lives of everyday people in rural India. Share your ideas about what topics/ areas you wish to make a film on. We can take it further from there. Know that you can record content for PARI on your cell phone camera. Please share your audio/video clip links through this  Content Upload Form.


Find online content already on the archive and send us links to it. Or research a vital topic – for instance, the lives of agricultural labourers in rural India – and collaborate with us on building a fund of information, photographs and data on that subject. Besides, you can send us any studies or reports in electronic form which you know of and that are relevant to rural India. Have a look at PARI's 'Resources' section to know what’s already there and get a better idea of what we’re looking for. Do share any relevant reports you find through this Content Upload Form


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You can back ongoing PARI projects by funding them. Or pitch one yourself on an aspect of rural India from your home state or district that you believe demands attention.

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