Watch video: Usman Ganni and Hanif Galwani talk about the long tradition of pottery, life in Kumbharwada and their continuing ties to Kachchh

Spread over 13 acres, Kumbharwada in Mumbai’s Dhraravi area is home to 5,000 potter families. Many of these are 6th or 7th generation potters, whose ancestors, either Kachchhi or Gujarati, migrated to Mumbai between 1935 and 1940.

However, only about 10 per cent of these families remain engaged in the traditional pottery business. They are highly skilled workers, who make various items out clay to be sold seasonally.

In this film, they talk about techniques and troubles of their trade. They speak of life in an urban space, and of how they long to move back to Kachchh some day. The community's brides still come from back home in Kachchh. Their links with their villages are alive and thriving.