Gender and Migration - Key findings by Centre for Women's Development Studies

01 Mar, 2012



This research aims at documenting women's migration in India amid reports from activists of great increases in and new & more vulnerable forms of female labour migration from the 1990s onwards.
The study used two sets of questionnaires, one for collecting household details and characteristics, and one for collecting information on individual experiences.Two categories of sites were also taken for the surveys - one comprising 'village sites' and the other comprising of a range of 'sector sites'.
Over a period of 24 months commencing January 2009, surveys were conducted across 20 states covering 5007 individual migrants and 5558 households.
Sector based surveys directed at women migrant workers were conducted in 20 in states in rural and urban areas. The key findings of the surveys have been laid out in this report.


Reserach Team:
Indu Agnihotri
Indrani Mazumdar
Neetha N

Reserach Associates: 
Taneesha Devi Mohan
Shruti Chaudhry

Administrative Assistance & Project Co-ordination:
Nandan Pillai