Safe Migration Booklet 2023


This booklet was published by Aajeevika Bureau, a public service organisation founded in the year 2005 in Rajasthan. Written in Hindi and published in the year 2023, the booklet provides guidelines to female workers who are migrating in search of work. It alerts them about their rights through an illustrated telling of the journey of a migrant worker named Kamal.

A migrant worker must carry her identification documents like Aadhar card, Ration card, Mamta Card (mother and child protection card), Job card, Voter ID card, Shramik card (labour card), E-Nirman card, Ayushman Bharat Card (for healthcare facilities). The E-Nirman card is issued by Gujarat Building and Other Construction Worker’s Welfare Board and provides healthcare, food and other services to such migrants.  

For a safe journey, female migrants should make use of a registered transport vehicle. If government roadways are used, the booklet states, migrants can avail upto 50 per cent discount in their travel expenses. It is also important to inform the local Gram Panchayat, ration dealer, ASHA and ANM workers about details of departure.

The booklet recommends that female migrant workers must keep note of their recruiter’s address and contact number. The worker should also keep a daily log of her work hours. A register must be made available to the migrant worker with details of the work agreement, including information about work hours and payment. Any recruiter who fails to follow these agreements can be reported to the local authorities. 

Grievance redressal and emergency helpline numbers are also provided in the booklet. Some of them are: Mahila Power Line: 1090 (also known as ‘dus nabbe’ in Uttar Pradesh); Akhil Bhartiya Mahila Helpline Number: 181; Police helpline: 100; Sanjeevani Express: 108; Jannani Express: 104; Labourline: 1800 1800 999.

Focus by Fatema Kapasi.

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Aajeevika Bureau, Udaipur


Aajeevika Bureau, Udaipur