Progress on the Sustainable Development Goals: The gender snapshot 2022


Published in 2022, this report analyses the progress on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of 17 goals intended to decrease inequality across the world. The report specifically focusses on gender equality attained across SDGs.

This 31-page report includes data on SDGs and includes themes like climate change, education, participation in the workforce and access to clean food and water. It tracks various gender-related indicators and states that as low as 26 per cent of countries have a comprehensive structure in place which tracks budget allocations on gender.


  1. The report states that over 380 million women and girls are presently living in conditions of extreme poverty – on less than $1.90 a day.

  2. In 2021, nearly one in three women experienced moderate or severe food insecurity.

  3. Over 1.2 billion women and girls, in 2022, live in countries which restrict access to safe abortion in some degree.

  4. Protracted conflict endangers education, the report states. Across the world, about 54 per cent of girls who have not in formal education live in crisis-affected countries.

  5. The report states that one in every 10 women (aged 15-49 years) suffered sexual or physical violence, or both, by an intimate partner in 2021.

  6. Shutting down of schools and day-cares in 2020 increased the time women spent on unpaid childcare by 512 billion hours.

  7. Every year, the lack of clean water claims the lives of more than 800,000 women and girls every year.

  8. In the fields of science, engineering and information and communication technology jobs, women hold only two in every 10 position globally.

    Focus and factoids by Siddhant Garud.

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UN Women and United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs


UN Women and United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs