Migrants: Voices of Delhi’s Silent Majority


In partnership with UNESCO and UNICEF, First City magazine did a special issue titled 'Migrants: Voices of Delhi’s Silent Majority', which contained a series of interviews. It was released for the National Workshop on Internal Migration and Human Development in India, jointly organised by UNESCO and UNICEF from 6-7 December, 2011 in New Delhi, with the support of Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) and Sir Dorabji Tata Trust (SDTT).

As the interviews present people's thoughts and daily struggles, this publication offers insights from the perspective of the migrants themselves. The stories of “minute-old migrants”, those who had just arrived in the city as well as those who have been working in Delhi for some time, have something in common – they call for strategic interventions in favour of migrants in India.


  1. Interviewer: In your opinion, what is the country's greatest problem? 

    Migrant: Unemployment, aur kya? That's the biggest problem...

  2. Interviewer: If you could study, what would you want to do with your life? 

    Migrant: Can’t imagine what I would do. Kismet mein toh yahi likha tha (I was fated for this).

  3. Interviewer: Given the chance, would you like to study? 

    Migrant: Study? Who would look after my camel then?

  4. Interviewer: What made you move to Delhi? 

    Migrant: To look for work. This isn’t Bombay that I’ll come to act in films here.

  5. Interviewer: Do you vote? 

    Migrant: No.

  6. Interviewer: How much to you earn? 

    Migrant: Rs. 200 every day. Theek hai, na (That's enough, right)?


UNESCO, UNICEF and First City magazine


UNESCO, UNICEF and First City magazine


Dec, 2011