Caterpillar and the Mahua Flower: Tremors in India's Mining Fields

01 Jul, 2007



The gradual easing of national barriers that comes with economic globalisation in India has given the states and corporations more freedom to quarry the mineral troves.

The three states Orissa, Jharkhand and Chattisgarh are not just bestowed with mineral riches, but they are also home to large number of Adivasis and boast of a rich menagerie of flora and fauna. In the process of extracting precious stones, the Adivasis are being bulldozed out of their lands and forests.

The World Bank provides technical assistance to member countries. Yet major World Bank-funded mining projects are the ones that suffer schronically from socio-economic and environmental problems.

The essays in this book seek to unravel the insidious labyrinth of mining where both the state and the markets are implicated.


Published by Panos South Asia (PSA)
Edited by Rakesh Kalshian