Census of India, 1911; Volume I; Part II – Tables


The Census of India, 1911 – the fourth general census – was prepared by Edward Albert Gait, an administrator in the Indian Civil Service and a fellow of the Royal Statistical Society. Part I provides an overview of the census’ findings, while Part II contains tabulated data on population, age, sex, religion, caste, tribe, race, birthplace, education, occupation, language and infirmities. The latter part has two sets of tables: ‘Imperial’ tables that “relate to the whole of the Indian Empire” (with some exceptions) and ‘Special’ tables for cities with a population of at least 100,000 people. The Imperial tables provide information about the British provinces, the ‘native states’ and their districts, while the Special tables for cities provide data for up to 30 urban centres.

Focus by Sushmita Iyer.


Edward Albert Gait


Public domain (originally published by the Superintendent of Government Printing, Calcutta)


01 Jan, 1913